Hi! We are the Lastella’s! Thank you for stopping by our page! That’s us right there- Dave, Ariel, our 2 year old daughter Leanora, and our fur baby Phoenix! Right now we are weekend warrior, dream-to-be full time RVers, learning to navigate the ways of the RVing world.

Follow along on our journey as we research, learn and try all the awesome RV tips, tricks and products. By learning and growing from this amazing RV community we have found and pairing that up with the personal knowledge we’ve gained over the years, we want to pass all the useful and helpful information on to you!

The day we purchased our first camper- June 2019

This picture right here might just be a picture of our sahhhhweeeeet new RV to most, but to us, this picture represents a culmination of 2 long years of hard decisions, sacrifices and planning to get this sahhhhweeeet new RV. For us, it’s been hard. 7 years of saving and budgeting, buying, fixing up and selling our first home, getting married, having a baby, relocating out of state… all while living off of 1 income kind of HARD. There have been doubtful people and even people who have laughed at us when we told them we were going to just “look” at some RV shows. Trying to own an RV (and really a full set up rig) seemed like such a dream… such a far away dream. Like, sure, maybe it will happen sometime in our 10 year plan kind of thing (if we were lucky!). So, I get why other people thought it was crazy. We needed to start believing in our dream before they did!

In that picture you will see two babies (Ok… maybe 3 since the pup counts too)- our daughter and our camper. Our brand new baby that we will love, and bathe, and take care of, that will give us more laughter and more family time than we know what to do with. More than anything, this RV means more fun (outdoors and away from electronics if I might add!), more “vacations”, longer weekends, and memories that will never fade.

So when we say we are

Living Our Best Dream

we ABSOLUTELY mean it!

Our future and our journey does not involve long plane rides to exotic places and it definitely does not involve $400 a night hotels on some beach once or twice a year for vacation. For us, our journey involves hitting the pavement every chance we can, when time and money allows, and going where our hearts desire- to the beach, to the mountains, to the lake…

The Road is Our Limit

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