needs vs. wants in your budget

Defining Needs vs. Wants In Your Budget {FREE Printable!}

In a world of instant gratification, we are finding ourselves at a level of personal debt never, ever seen before in this country. But why? I think this idea of defining your needs vs. wants in your budget and with your spending is becoming more and more important. Even though you CAN have an item show up at your door in 2 days or less for $6 cheaper than a competitor doesn’t make the purchase that much better if you can’t afford it in the first place. Let’s talk about your financial goals and how defining an absolute need vs. a want, or nice to have, can save your family budget! 

30 day gratitude challenge print out

30 Day Positive Mindset Gratitude Challenge {FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD}

Hello friends! We are kicking off this month with a little challenge for our family and would love for you guys to join on in with us! For the next 30 days we are getting back in the swing of daily gratitude! There is nothing that makes budgeting, saving, paying off debt and practicing some patience easier on a family than a little positive mindset. So here we go! Download the free positive mindset gratitude challenge PDF below and get started!

best finance books to read

List of 10 Best Finance Books To Read {For Saving Money and Basic Budgeting!}

I’ve gathered up a list of best finance books to read! This list of books are great for beginners, but they are also great for anyone who needs to review the basics from time to time. Go ahead! Dive right in and take a look at this list of best finance books to read! Don’t be shy either! Always keep this list in the back of your mind and come back to it when you need. Repetition of ideas, actions, and thoughts common throughout each of these books just creates the best and most productive positive money habits!

Ditch Your Keurig And Save Over $630 This Year On Coffee!

We are massive coffee lovers in this house. After getting so tired of constantly buying K-cups and only making 1 cup at a time, we decided to ditch our Keurig and go back to the days of a carafe. We had no idea how much money we were saving ourselves by making the switch! Simple math shows that we have saved ourselves $638 a year….AT A MINIMUM! Come along and let’s do some coffee math together, shall we?

Accomplish Your Biggest Financial Goals With This FREE Monthly Budgeting Spreadsheet

Using this super simple budgeting spreadsheet, our family paid off $7k of loan debt and saved another $20k in only 9 months to close on our first house in 2015! It took only 1 month of using this method to be so hyper aware of our finances that it flipped our life upside down. It worked so well for us that we wanted to share our monthly budget spreadsheet with all of you guys with a FREE download!!

How We Are Using Instacart To CRUSH Our Financial Goals This Year

You guys! It dawned on me that our family has now been using Instacart and getting our groceries delivered at our home for a full year!…and let me tell you, I don’t think we will ever NOT use an online grocery service from here on out. I think I even have the hubs hooked! We are both obsessed with using Instacart not only for the hassle and time savings, but we found that we actually started saving money. Yes, you read that right! We started S.A.V.I.N.G. money! Instacart for us means more homemade meals, less food waste, more money in our pockets and more time spent on stuff we need or want to be doing each week like RVing and spending time with family.

Grab your free monthly budget spreadsheet with user guide and a bonus 30% off coupon code for my yearly budget workbook!