We are massive coffee lovers in this house. I mean, on any given day we are 2 cup drinkers in the morning (minimum!) and then maybe another cup in the afternoon on some days. We LOOOOOVE our coffee. We have gone from being daily Dunkin’ Donuts coffee drinkers to solely using the Keurig we already had to save money. About 2 years ago, around Black Friday, we discovered the Ninja Coffee Machine. After getting so tired of constantly buying K-cups and only making 1 cup at a time, we decided to ditch our Keurig and go back to the days of a carafe. We had no idea how much money we were saving ourselves by making the switch! Simple math shows that we have saved ourselves $638 a year….AT A MINIMUM!

Come along and let’s do some coffee math together, shall we?

Let’s make a few assumptions here- We drink around 3 cups of coffee between hubby and I during the day. On the weekend it may be around 6 cups of coffee throughout the day (hello leftover iced coffee!). We drink coffee religiously 7 days a week. 

Going to Dunkin’ Donuts for our coffee:

  • 2 medium cups of coffee per day= $2.15 x 2 = $4.30 per day
  • $4.30 per day x 7 days a week = $30.10 per week
  • $30.10 per week x 52 weeks = a whopping $1,565.20 per year
  • and keep in mind this is without purchasing any other items from Dunkin’…so in reality we were spending much more than that per week and per year

Making our coffee with our Keurig:

  • Because we had the luxury of making coffee at home, naturally, we started having more cups at home
  • Assuming you are able to get a pack of 10 K-cups on sale for about $5 a box or $0.50 per K-cup
  • 3 cups of coffee per week day = $1.50 x 5 days a week = $7.50
  • 6 cups of coffee on the weekend = $3 x 2 days = $6
  • Per week = $13.50
  • Money spent on K-cups per year = $702

Making coffee with our Ninja coffee maker with carafe or our Hamilton on weekend trips:

  • Assume the same amount of coffee cups per day as the Keurig scenario
  • Assume $8 per extremely large Costco container of ground Folger’s coffee which lasts about a month and a half for that many cups of coffee for our family
  • Spending $8 on coffee per 1.5 months = $64 per year on coffee with our Ninja Carafe

$702 per year spent on K-cups – $64 per year on ground coffee = $638 saved per year……JUST ON COFFEE!

If you followed along with my coffee math, am I convincing you yet to ditch that Keurig to save some easy $$? 

Our local Harris Teeter shows that only the store brand coffee is near that $0.50 per K-cup. Realistically, to get the brand name coffee, you are paying around $0.65 per K-cup.
The coffee we love we get the cheapest at our local wholesale club. This saves us a ton of money per cup of coffee!

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The Coffee Maker We Use Instead

The coffee maker we love and use daily is the Ninja Coffee Bar. What is amazing about this coffee maker is that you can still brew multiple sizes of coffee just like a Keurig. It can do a single cup of coffee all the way up to a full carafe. BUT….no K-cups needed! Pick your favorite ground coffee and use the scoop on the side of the machine to perfectly measure out the amount of coffee you need for each size. 

Tailor your perfect cup of coffee with all the brew options available on this snazzy thing. Specialty brew, over ice or rich brew if you like your coffee strong. 

What we love about this coffee maker is that you are still able to make your specialty coffee with the built in milk frother. Unlike the Keurig we had, we are also able to make a giant pot of coffee and keep it warm all morning in the carafe.

Speaking of full pot of coffee…one more thing we love about this machine is that to brew a whole pot you only need to fill up the reserve tank once to the top. I remember constantly having to fill that Keurig reservoir with water after a few cups of coffee. Just a simple switch in coffee makers saves money AND time brewing!

We made the switch from Keurig to Ninja's Coffee Bar shown here!

Coffee Makers Perfect For Travel

For our fellow campers and travelers, we know that the full Ninja Coffee bar may be too big for traveling so we have another option for you!! We personally leave our full Ninja Bar at home and take a smaller machine with simple functions with us on the road. 

Here are some other options for you!

Ninja's 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Perfect For Travel

Make the simple switch from your Keurig back to a regular coffee maker to save yourself a bunch of money this year! Let us know if you ditched your Keurig and how much it saved your family!!

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