Hello there and happy Wednesday to you! We are starting to go through all of our RV stuff since getting back from our long trip back in January! Eeeesh! We’ve been putting it off but now that the weather is breaking a little here in NC, there’s no excuse not to get it done. Once the camper is clean, we can start to organize it again to get it ready for another camping season! Whoohoo!

Anyways, as we have been going through some of our organizational bins and storage items that we bought last year, it made me want share some of our awesome finds with you guys! At the beginning of our season we took a trip to the Container Store. If you have never heard of it, do me a favor….RUN there! Holy bananas…it is the holy grail for type A personalities who need things neat, organized and looking pretty! We were able to snag some awesome finds that not only have served amazing in our RV, but also in our home during the week and during our off season. To be able to functionally use them in multiple places made me want to see what else the Container Store had to offer for our season this year.

We bought quite a few of these items last year that have fit amazingly in our tiny RV. They mostly live in our home and come out just about every other weekend for our weekend RV getaways! 

We rounded up 21 unique Container Store finds for your home and RV below!

Container Store utility bin with divider fits perfectly in our RV cabinet!

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What is the Container Store?

The Container Store is exactly what it sounds like. They are the holy grail for all things storage- kitchen storage, bathroom storage, laundry, pantry, garage and so on. Their products are fairly priced and are such amazing quality. We haven’t had one issue with anything we have purchased so far. The best part of the Container Store is not only their unique storage and organization solutions, but the fact that they carry endless selection for all sizes of storage you might need. It is the perfect store to shop for your RV and home needs. We would have loved this store when we had our small home!! It was organized, but this would have upped my organization game by 1000%!

Utility Storage Containers

These utility storage containers are perfect for the pantry, RV cabinets and any other organization solution you need in your life. These containers come in so many different sizes. They are stackable, can be divided in multiple ways, and are compatible with lids and labels. We use these to hold paper products in our home and in our RV cabinet but are perfect for just about anything!  

Multiple Size Stackable Utility Containers

These bins come in so many sizes, are stackable (and super stable when stacked!), and are so versatile. These are clear so you can see easily exactly what is stored in them.

Utility Bin Lid

We have used these lids on a few of the utility bins we have in our RV bathroom. They are perfect for holding, storing, and stacking containers for Q-tips, hair ties, and anything else that you need secured in the bin.

Utility Bin Dividers

These dividers are awesome! If you have a few different items you need to store, no need to buy multiple bins. Grab yourself some dividers and make 1 bin into 2, 3, or 4 bins for easy organization.

Utility Bin Labels

I loooove labels. No really, this type A organizer loves labeling things even if the bin is clear and you can see what's in it. Slap a label on those bins to make them functional and pretty!

Unique Storage Organizers

Cabinet Organizers

These clear plastic bins with integrated handles are perfect for organizing your pantry, bathroom or inside your fridge.

Clear Handled Storage Baskets

We use these clear plastic bins with the handles to store fruits, veggies, and snacks. On RV weekends, we pull these out and put the whole bin right into our camper fridge. Easy peasy!

White Taper Storage Bin

These bins are similar to the ones we have in our pantry. They line the entire shelf of the pantry and each are dedicated to one type of snack. These, too, come in super handy on RV weekends. We just have a couple extra of these and pull out an assortment of snacks and they go right into our camper cabinet for easy storage. These come in multiple sizes which is great!

3 Drawer Acrylic Box

This clear acrylic box would be awesome for storing small items such as lip balms, Q-tips, hair ties, jewelry or bobby pins at home or on the go. These would look sleek on your bathroom sink and is small enough to fit in a bathroom RV cabinet.

Smart Store Totes & Inserts

The most multifunctional of almost all items on this list. These smart store totes are great for storing just about anything and are super portable. Use this for any items in a home or in an RV including bathroom items, kitchen items or even RV small RV tools. These totes and inserts come with a locking lid and come in many shapes and sizes!

Perch Magnetic Modular System

This was one of the coolest finds from The Container Store on this list! It's an entirely magnetic system that has interchangeable pieces for storage and organizing anything from spices to pens. I can already see this going on a fridge or filing cabinet in an office. Such an awesome system!

We love all the organization products we have from the Container Store that works in both our home kitchen and RV kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen Organization

Egg holder

This egg holder is great for any fridge. We use ours in our home fridge weekly and transfer it to right to the RV on travel weekends. Because this holder is made of durable plastic, feel free to store stuff right on top. No wasted space in any fridge!

Drawer Organizers

Organize these clear, super durable drawer organizers any which way for the perfect fit in any drawer!

Reusable Silicon Bags

We love our reusable bags! They are microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe. They are awesome for storage and easy to grab and go when you need them!

Spice Holder

Our first Container Store purchase! This acrylic spice rack is super durable, slim to fit in any RV cabinet, and comes with 20 glass bottles with labels. It makes it great for spice organization in your home and easy to grab and store away for your weekend trip.

Bamboo Magnetic Knife Strip

This sleek magnetic knife strip made of bamboo is perfect for small storage areas. The magnets are strong enough to hold your knives in place for easy accessibility when prepping and cooking.

Other Everyday Storage Finds

Battery Organizer

A battery organizer is the organization tool you never even knew you needed! Store and find every size of battery imaginable easily with this large, stackable organizer made of thick PET plastic.

Flip Down Hook

Add sleek and compact storage to any space with this stainless steel flip down valet hook.This hook is perfect for robes, towels, or any other clothing you may need to conveniently hang.

Pop Up Laundry Hamper With Lid

THE ultimate home and travel hamper. I wish we would have discovered this one sooner. This laundry hamper has a foldable exterior perfect for storage when not in use. But the best part is the canvas interior that is machine washable. Great for home or travel!

White Oval Trash Can

This trash can is perfect for small spaces like next to a toilet, under a sink, or in a tiny RV.

Foldable Toy Storage Box With Handles

These reinforced foldable storage boxes with soft fabric exterior are great for any kind of toy organization. The best part of these bins is they completely fold up flat when you don't need them. This would be perfect in a play room for regular use or in your RV to store away when you don't need them.

Pet Food Storage Container

This pet food storage container is made from BPA free super durable polypropylene. The cute design paired with the small everyday lid and large refill opening at the top makes for one awesome, convenient storage bin.

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We hope you love these unique finds from The Container Store for all needs for your home and RV (or both!). Let us know if there are any other products you love and use from them!

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  1. I love containers and organization! I’ve never been to a container store, but I have to once I am ready to stock my RV. Thanks for sharing these neat items.

    • Me too! You HAVE to try the container store! I walked in the first time and was blown away. They have so much more than what I listed here but these are some of our favorite items that worked for our RV. Glad I could help!

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