I was so inspired a couple weeks ago on Instagram scrolling the RV decor feed. Somehow we ended up following #RVdecor. And btw, if you don’t plan on spending any money any time soon, I suggest you not follow that hashtag! The feed is so super pretty with so many good ideas. But, there was one post in particular that caught my eye. It was a picture of another GeoPro travel trailer. The same line of camper that we have, just a different model. Oh goodness was it so pretty!

We have had our camper for a few months now. Up until this point, we were really just trying to get our bearings with it. You know…learning the RV beginner stuff. But, as soon as I saw that post, I was immediately itching to run to the store for some décor! In 2 months, we will be living in our RV for about a month traveling the southeast U.S. It only makes sense to start making it homey! My daughter and I went out home décor shopping that weekend and got a few things. It was only like 6 items that we got, but they immediately made our RV interior super warm and cozy.

It got me thinking… what makes a room warmer and homey? In such a small space, what can we add to completely change the look and feel? Well, here we give you 5 inspiring decor ideas for your RV interior! With just a few accessories, you can add some warm and cozy to your camper!

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1. Add In Some Texture

Although I love our GeoPro and the color combo they decided to do for the 2019 line, it is sooooo grey and white. Like everything, I mean everything, is gray, white, greige or gray whitewash. Its not a flat gray, but it definitely needed something. We added a super comfy, cozy runner rug (similar to this one) and a textured pillow (similar to this one) to the bunk bed. Not only are these items functional (hello soft rug under my feets in the morning!), but it added a needed pop of color to break up the monotony of gray. Instant warm and cozy? Check!

2. Add In Touches Of Greenery

Hang up some faux greenery to add that warm and cozy feeling into your camper. There is nothing better than adding some pops of life into your space. Literally adding life…I mean, plant life. Or faux plant life for those with a black thumb like us. Hang a wreath on a door or place a small potted plant on a table.

We added this cute wreath to our bathroom door with a simple command hook. It is this perfect shade of green to compliment our grey/white interior.

I also have been looking into adding magnetic mini potted succulents over our black stove. We have been looking at getting these. How cute, right?!

Mini Magnetic Succulents
Mini Potted Magnetic Succulent

3. Hang Some Signs

Hang something on those bare walls! Add some of your style, whatever style that may be, into your RV! Like the farmhouse look? Add a picture like the one below with a cloth background and a wooden frame. Is your style more modern? Add some silver or gold framed sayings or pictures to a blank wall. Don’t overdo it on too many walls to clutter things up, but definitely add a few signs to add some cozy. 

We picked up this fancy little letter board to add into the kitchen space. We will use it to write inspirational sayings like this one pictured below. We will also use it when we get to different campsites to keep our location and site number on this board. Pretty but also helpful!

4. Get It Smelling Gooooood

They say smell is strongest sense we have that can instantaneously bring us back to particular moment in time. I totally believe that! Add some fresh flowers or light a candle in your RV for immediate warm and cozy! Imagine lighting that apple crisp candle right during fall time and the smell of fresh baked apples filling the air. And you didn’t have to start the oven or make a thing! And a plus is that you get some of that RV funk out of your small camper without having to open all the windows and air it out. 

I got this super pretty and amazing smelling Rae Dunn candle from Home Goods. It might just be too pretty to actually burn it. But recently, I stumbled on candles from a company called Homesick Candles. The whole idea of this company is so original and creative. They have different lines of candles that capture smells from different places and things all over the world. Missing that Yosemite National park smell? They candled it up so you can take that smell anywhere you go. Miss your pina colada poolside in the summer? They got you covered! Their candles are pricey, but a 7oz candle gets about 40-50 hours worth of even, amazing smelling burn time! Check out Homesick Candles for other candles to add your kind of cozy and homey to your camper!

Homesick's line of memory scents- this one is Road Trip. Perfect for campers on the road!
Homesick has a line of smells from all different states.

5. Make Organizing Pretty But Functional

Organization doesn’t have to be boring you guys! It is the least obvious home decor items that you can turn into ones that help you with that OCD of yours! While it can be plain old white plastic containers (we can save them for inside the cabinets!), there is also plenty of multifunctional, super pretty organization decor items you can add to give you the warm and fuzzies. Check out this tray in the pic below. I found this galvanized tray at Walmart. (It is no longer on the Walmart website, but I am linking some similar finds from Amazon below). It is super fitting for our camper and looks pretty sitting on the table, but it also serves as our fruit tray. It even has the little rubber circle feet on the bottom so it won’t move in transport! Win!!

We also forever needed something to hold our paper towels. I found this paper towel holder on Amazon and adhered it to underneath our cabinets. We no longer have paper towels hanging out on the table or behind our sink. The holder design fits in pretty well with the rest of the decor we have.

These little hooks you see next to the paper towel holder also allowed us to get some stuff out of our cabinets. They are amazingly strong and will probably just about hold anything you put on them. We hung up our oven mitts for easy access, but they also look great hanging there!

And that is it you guys!
5 ways to make your camper warm and cozy!
All the small things add up to give you that homey feeling!
Tell us what you have added that made your RV super warm and cozy in the comments below!

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  1. Stephanie

    Hi there,
    We have a Geo Pro 21bhs & used some of your ideas & links to decorate, thank you SO much! But, wondering what size your rug is & where you got it? I ordered the one off your link, but is nice, but different than the one you have. Just curious if you could share details of the exact you you purchased for your GeoPro? Thank you!

  2. Margo Scott

    I added brightly-colored and patterned coverlet to bed with throw pillows. Blackout curtains in a matching color. Cozy throws on bed and dinette benches. Over the door rack with cute kitchen towels and pot holders. Colorful towels and bath rug. Couple of signs. The list goes on!

    • Hi Margo! I love that! I naturally gravitate right towards all neutral colors and maybe one day I will throw a pop of color into my decorating. All of those little things you add to the RV make it homey so quick…its nice to feel like your taking a piece of your home with you. Also love the idea of matching curtains to bring out that pop of color too!

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