Simple RV Storage Hack for Cords, Cables and Hoses
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We have forever been organized people…for the most part. Dare, I say we have a twinge of OCDness in us that just can’t be ignored. There are some things that just drive us nuts. Anything that has to do with organization of hoses, cords, tool storage, or just storage in general, hubby is always on top of. He has organization hacks out the wazoo. And because money IS an object in our house, he has found plenty of ways to use what he has to organize just about everything. When we bought our RV, I should have known the organization OCD would continue!

Here we bring you a simple RV storage hack you can do yourself using the bare essentials. Some self-drilling (aka self-tapping) screws, carabiners, velcro straps, and D-rings is all you need. Organize everything and anything you want in your RV front storage compartment quickly and easily. 

What can you easily organize and store?

  • Electrical cords
  • Hoses
  • Wires
  • Cords
  • Cables
  • Anything else you dream up

Materials you will need:

This list of materials is super short and easy to find. You may even have some of these on hand. If not, most of these materials can be purchased at your local hardware store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. We provided you the links for exactly what we used to save you some time and energy.

  1. Screws or Self drilling screws
  2. D-Rings
  3. Velco straps (hook and loop straps)
  4. Carabiners

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The only materials you will need for this RV Storage Hack!

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First: What kind of structure is your RV made of?

Is your RV structure or interior framing made of aluminum, wood, or any other material? Our’s is aluminum so for this organization project, our go-to was self-drilling screws. However, if your frame is made of wood, you can use normal wood screws.

Just make sure you are completely aware of how long your screws need to be. How thick is the material you are putting screws into? Is there flooring, plumbing or electrical right above? We wouldn’t want to use a 2.5in screw for a 1in thick material right under your main living area. Whoopsie! Screw through the floor! Just always, always be aware and be cautious.

Pro Tip: Also, wood tends to crack. You may want to pre-drill your holes before drilling in your screws. If your screw measures a 1/8″, don’t use a drill bit bigger than 1/8″. If your pre-drilled hole is bigger than your screw, the screw won’t have anything to grab onto. 

Second: Where to mount?

For this kind of organization hack, it was important for this to be creative, yet super functional. For that reason, we decided to install all of these hooks on one side of the camper. The side we typically back in and hook up all of our lines to is where we decided to keep all of the hoses and electrical cords.  Back in, open the compartment, and there lies all of your important stuff!

On one side, we installed 4 hooks in total. 2 towards the front and 2 towards the back. The hooks are installed pretty close together. Doing this still allows us plenty of room in the center to grab out anything else that is stored there. 


Ok, now get to it!

  1.  Pick the locations that best suit your needs.
  2. Screw in your D-ring to any super strong structure on your RV. Use plain ol’ screws or these self-drilling screws.
  3. Neatly roll up your cords, wires or hoses.
  4. Wrap the hook and loop strap around whatever you just rolled up. 
  5. Hook the carabiner through the plastic binder on the velcro strap. 
  6. Hook your carabiner onto the D-ring.
  7. Step back and admire your work!

But seriously…your done!  Another simple RV organization hack in the books!

That was it! We hoped you loved this RV Storage Hack for all things cords, wires, and hoses. Let us know if you tried this hack in the comments below!

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My camper stays parked but I have a foldable storage ottoman I got at Bed , Bath and Beyond for about $25.
You can sit on it, use it as a footrest. The lid flips over to revel a harder table top so it works as a table. I store my extra blankets in it and it folds up. It also makes the camper a little more cozy on those rare times we watch one of the 4 channels we get.

Roads The Limit
Roads The Limit

Isn’t it so nice when you find something that is just so functional?! I love that! We have a few things like that in our camper and I wish we even had enough space to fit some kind of ottoman like that. Anything to make the camper more cozy, I am all for! and yes…even its only for a couple of channels! Ha!

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