Now that we have been in our camper for a few months, we have gotten to the point where we wanted to make it functional, cozy, and well organized. We were so tired of the paper towel rolls being shoved into and out of the cabinet. They were taking up space inside the cabinet during travel. They were also hanging out on our small dining table and had an tendency to be knocked off and roll everywhere. Super annoying… It was time they needed a permanent home! Preferably without drilling since we wanted to place them right under our cabinets. So, we came up with this super quick and easy, absolutely no drill DIY paper towel holder!

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The Before:

This was the perfect spot for us. Above the sink, on the bottom of the overhead cabinets. Since our kitchen area is on the smaller side, it wasn’t too hard of a decision on where to put it for easy access. This spot will be perfect while cooking or cleaning.  Grab and go!

Materials You Will Need:

A few years back we found these super strong 3M Dual Lock strips. They were used to mount lights onto a dirtbike helmet. Amazingly, they held up through rain, dirt, wind, and normal dirtbike wear and tear. These things are super, super strong! Unlike command strips, once they go on, they don’t easily come off…at all. But, if you did want to take them off, a simple heat gun or hair dryer would do the trick without damaging your mounting surface. 

How To Do This DIY Paper Towel Holder Yourself:

  1. Find a spot that is most convenient for your paper towel holder. Make sure to choose your mounting location with a full roll of paper towels! You’ll want to make sure you are far enough away from the wall for clearance. 
  2. Take your 3M 10 lb dual lock strips and cut them equally in half. This package only contains 4 strips but 2 lock together. You could put these in the middle of the paper towel holder, but we used 2 mounting positions for extra security. After you cut them, you should have 4 pieces total. 2 strips for either side of your paper towel holder, and 2 that go on the mounting surface. (Take a look at the picture below).
  3. Use your rubbing alcohol and wipe the mounting side of the holder. Also wipe the mounting surface as well. Thoroughly let dry. This allows the adhesive on the back of the strips to bond as best it can.
  4. Stick 2 strips to the back of the paper towel holder. (You can add a 3rd in the center if you choose.)
  5. Connect the other half of your cut strips to the strips that are already stuck to the holder. 
  6. Remove the paper backing and stick to your mounting surface. 
  7. Make sure to hold your paper towel holder in place and press on firmly.
  8. That’s it! Enjoy your new, easy to grab paper towels!

Pro Tip: If you find that your paper towel roll is unrolling while traveling, you can wrap a Velcro strap around the roll like the ones we used for our storage hack. You can also use extra large binder clips to secure your roll during travel.

The After: Installed Paper Towel Holder In Our RV Kitchen

There you have it! A quick, simple, cheap, no holes way to mount your paper towel holder. Let us know how this hack worked for your camper in the comments below!

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