There is really nothing worse than that first ding or scratch on something brand new. What’s even worse is having to look at it every single time you use it and knowing you are going to make it worse with continued normal use. Over in this house we pull out all the stops and hacks to keep our stuff looking shiny and new. New kitchen shelving? We got liners for that. Brand new flooring? We got accent rugs and special cleaner for that. We are the same way with the RV. Only with the RV we take extra precaution. Replacing worn items in a house is hard enough. We want to try to avoid having to replace anything if we can help it in our RV. Tiny spaces + unique look = expensive and near impossible to fix.

After our first trip out, we started filling up our camper’s front storage compartment with all the normal stuff- chairs, tools, wheel chocks and so on. Because our RV is a bunkhouse model, we can also flip that lower bunk up and voila..extra storage compartment! GeoPro did a great job putting in pretty looking flooring in both of those places. We had no intention of messing it up….plus, we want to keep it looking like new to keep our resale value high. So, we came up with this super simple RV storage compartment flooring hack using rubber matting. You can start protecting your flooring today in no time!

Storage compartment under the bunk beds. Our mat survived beach trips and lake trips all summer and now into fall. It needs a good wash, but the vinyl floor underneath still looks brand new!

Why You Should Line Your Compartment Floors

  1. Super thick rubber mat material keeps large, heavy items from banging into your flooring causing dents during travel.
  2. Prevent scratches from taking items into and out of your compartments.
  3. Keep your stuff from moving around! This rubber mat helps in holding all your items in place.
  4. Thinking about selling your RV? Pull up those mats to reveal like-new flooring. The better it looks, the better your resale value will be!
  5. Clean the floor with ease. Don’t damage your original floors by trying to thoroughly clean them. Its easy to pull these mats out and wash them with cleaner and scrub brush.
  6. If something happens to the rubber mat, I would rather replace a piece of mat then the RV model’s particular vinyl flooring.
All the ingredients to replicate this RV hack yourself!

What you need to for this RV hack:

Thickness of your rubber matting. 1/8" to 1/4" would work well.

Get Started! Here's How To Do It:

  1.  Empty out your storage compartment. You’ll need a clean slate for measurements next.
  2. Take out your tape measure. Measure length and width. Make sure you note measurements of notches you may need to make for any odd shapes in your compartment. (You can see in the pic above, we grabbed out plain ol’ pen and paper and drew a diagram of the what layout we needed.)
  3. Always measure twice and cut once. So, go ahead, measure again.
  4. Get out your rubber mats. If you are able use one whole piece for your compartment, then we suggest laying out your piece on a flat surface. Use a silver sharpie to make all your lines on your mat according to your super high tech diagram you just made. If you need multiple pieces, lay them out next to one another and make lines with your sharpie. PRO TIP: Use your T-Square to make straight lines where you need to.
  5.  Use your T-Square again, now as a guide to make your cuts. Use a sharp razor knife to cut through the rubber mat. Depending on the thickness of your mat, you may have to make multiple passes through the mat to get a cut.
  6.  Move on to test fitting. Lay your pieces in your RV compartment. Adjust any pieces that may need some trimming.
  7. And that’s it! Now put all your stuff back in knowing your floor is safe and sound.
A notch made in our rubber mat in the bunk bed storage compartment.
Adding more rubber matting under the front storage compartment!

This RV hack is just that easy! We want to see your RV hacks on Instagram using #MaintenanceMonday.

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