So, I have to admit, we haven’t had any bad dump station encounters or traumatizing poop stories to tell you from our time RVing. Maybe it’s luck? Maybe it’s preparation? Maybe it’s both? But either way, what I do know is heading to the dump station is probably the least favorite part for any RV owner out there. Since we HAVE to do it, might as well make it as organized, clean, and as seamless of a process as possible! Because let’s face it, you can be in the most beautiful place on earth, parked next to the most gorgeous lake or beach, but if you have poop on your hands, it’s not a fun time. 

Last year hubby got fed up pulling multiple bins out to get everything he needed at the dump station. We had 1 bin for the gloves, some dish soap, a small hand sanitizer and we always, always forgot paper towels. We had another bin for the water hose and the sewer fittings. We conveniently have the waste hose under the camper, but it’s just another thing to get out. He came home after one of our weekends out on the lake and came up with this setup.

All the items he uses frequently or need to be accessed immediately are right on the door. We still have 1 bin for the connections, but having these items right there saves time and the extra hassle. We call this our RV Sanitizing Station! Here’s how we did it!

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What You Need For This Project

Let's Make It!

  1. Choose the most convenient location for sanitizing station needs. We chose the front compartment door on our RV for the perfect location for this sanitizing station since we keep our “dump” box there.
  2. Wipe entire area with rubbing alcohol or equivalent to remove any wax or grease on the mounting surface.
  3. Lay down velcro strips on a flat surface STICKY SIDE FACING UP.
  4. Coat the sticky side of the velcro strips with 3M spray adhesive. Allow the strips to almost dry (they should be barely tacky to the touch) 
  5. Press the sticky side of your velcro strips onto your choice of accessories. Press firmly for 10-20 seconds allowing them to adhere to the surface of each accessory.
  6. We placed a glove holder box, hand sanitizer holder, and paper towel holder on our door to complete our RV sanitizing station but feel free to add any other accessories you use!
  7. Repeat the same steps for mounting each accessory to the door panel, or which ever location you chose for your station.
  8. If needed, use a heat gun like this one or hair dryer to warm up surface to allow for better adhesion. 
  9. We used rubber bands and screws (like you see in the pictures) to hold everything in place so it doesn’t fall out when the door is closed if needed.
  10. Word of caution: We flip the hand sanitizer spout around before closing the door so that it doesn’t get stored upside down and possibly leak during travel. If you find a different hand sanitizing bottle, you may not need to worry about that.
  11. Pro tip: Because of the way we mounted the hoses in this compartment, none of the accessories on the door for our sanitizing station come in contact with them when its closed. Be aware of any items you have in your compartment before you start this project to make sure your door will close properly.

Paper towels, gloves, and hand sanitizer are usually our go-to’s when we are at the dump station, so these are the accessories we chose to make our sanitizing station. But, if you have other products or accessories that you typically use, feel free to get creative with it!

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    • Hi Darlene! My husband attached a few screws on the side of that cup that the sanitizer is sitting in. He then attached a few rubber bands over the top of the sanitizer bottle and hooked them onto the screws on the side. The rubber bands, we found, are perfect to absorb the bounce of the RV during travel. If you lock the spout of the sanitizer after each use, the sanitizing station works great when you put the hatch back down!

  1. John Davis

    Very useful basic info ,I can think of few possible versions of this basic idea , perhaps a container with those movable deciders might be one , allowing a person to create a custom space for everything to be stored if someone doesn’t want to deal with the Velcro method of those large rubber bands that are used for folders in office supply stores could be used to hold items in place ..

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