“Baaaaaabe, what else did you order from Amazon?!?!?” 

How true this phrase is in our house. Once we got our RV, boxes from Amazon kept showing up and didn’t stop the first couple weeks. It’s not just spending the money on the RV and the truck to pull it, but its also on all the not so fun stuff too. Sewer hose, yuck. 50 to 30 amp conversion, boring. 50 foot zero-G hose, cool I guess. 

We want fun stuff! We want practical, fun stuff! Dave is definitely the king of ordering fun and new stuff. When I didn’t think we needed these things on this list, he insisted or just didn’t tell me he was ordering them. The packages arrived and he quietly slid them into the camper. When we arrived at our campsite he pulled them out and went ‘”here, try this”. Needless to say, as much as I thought we didn’t need any of these items, I secretly love all of them. They are practical and useful and just make life a whole heck of a lot easier…and fun! Keep reading to find out which RV camping must have items made our list!

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This IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine was one of the first purchases that arrived at our house. To say we are in love with an ice maker is an understatement! Ha! You seriously don’t realize how many times a day you use ice until you don’t have it at the ready! This ice maker makes large or small ice cubes in a matter of minutes. It makes awesome crunchy ice cubes perfect for smoothies or adult beverages. What we love is that we don’t have to pack our small fridge with bottles of water. Cold water on a hot summer day? No problem! Just add some ice to that luke warm bottle of water you forgot to add to the fridge hours ago and there you go! This ice maker is highly, highly recommended to add to your RV gadget arsenal.

This Blackstone Tabletop Grill is by far our favorite RV purchase of all time. We watched videos and read reviews about this thing for weeks. I mean, it seems so unnecessary to lug another item around for cooking. We have stove, an oven, and a grill already. Why do we need another RV gadget?! We are big breakfast eaters while we camp and finally got tired of all the pans we dirtied while cooking. We finally broke down and gave this RV gadget a try!

This table top grill is perfect for cooking just about anything. So far we have cooked eggs, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, fries, and made tofu stir fry. The settings on the Blackstone allow you to lower it enough where you won’t burn eggs. It also allows you to go high enough with the heat to sear a steak. Just like a cast iron, if you season it well nothing sticks. It also makes for some easy cleanup. This grill just upped our food game…big time! And dare I mention decreased our cleaning game!

Of course we got all the accessories for it. The hood, the spatulas and the stand. Although not completely necessary to use the grill itself, we do love the accessories. Job well done Blackstone! 5 stars from us!

Because of how amazing this Blackstone Tabletop Grill is, we will be doing a full review soon so be on the lookout for that!

Get ready for a clean RV with this cordless Makita vacuum! This was another RV gadget that I thought was going to go on the list of absolute uselessness. Again, wrong!…(you should really be noticing a theme here by now!). Parked right on sand our first weekend out and I am pretty sure I used this just about every 10 minutes to keep my sanity.

This cordless vacuum uses the same Makita battery you find on other Makita products like drills and saws. Since we already had the battery and charger, picking this cordless vacuum was a no brainer. This vacuum lasts just about 60 minutes continuous use on a full charge. The suction is quite amazing and the long, yet thin head allows you to get into those hard to reach RV spaces. It even comes with an interchangeable head to get the hard to reach dust and dirt. I’m talking to you mom’s out there with cleaning OCD just trying to survive in such a small space with kids and dogs running around. Trust me when I say… Money.Well.Spent.

This collapsible kiddie pool is A-MA-ZING. This kiddie pool, which can also be used for your fur babies as well, is collapsible and foldable. Perfect for lightweight, easy storage in an RV. No need to blow this one up and let the air out. Filling this pool allows for the water to keep the sides completely upright and sturdy during use. The large drain valve on the side allows for easy water draining when you are done. They come in all different sizes from Jasonwell. Our toddler loves this pool when we are traveling. It is rugged enough where she can throw rocks on the bottom and scoop them up with her small beach shovel. No rips or tears in this pool! Our kind of RV gadget is not only parent approved but also kid approved and this Jasonwell kiddie pool meets that criteria!

On a whim, without measuring, reading reviews or looking at price, I ordered this Gourmet Basics Storage Caddy. Because, why not, right? I don’t think this gadget was created specifically for RV travel, but it quickly became our #1 functional RV must have item we travel with.

This Storage Caddy by Mikasa folds up for easy travel in our cabinets and it is one of the first things to get set up outside. This caddy can hold a full roll of paper towels, large plates, silverware and grilling utensils. Because we found we are outside 90% of the time, we keep this caddy on our table the whole weekend. It keeps us from having to go into and out of the RV while we are cooking. And seriously, this thing is just super pretty just sitting there with its scroll design and carrying handle. Amazon purchase for the win!

I hope you enjoyed our list of RV gadgets you didn’t know you needed. Because, who knew!
All of these RV accessories are convenient, functional and pretty!
We know you are going to love them just as much as we do!

Tell us what your favorite RV products are below! We would love to try them!

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