Speaking of all the things…meal planning is one of those things that I do each week for our family. I know, I know…just add it to the list! But, I wanted to share with you how I keep myself sane when it comes to family meal planning that makes our meals simple and easy during the week. I have started using this system of meal planning and prepping for our weekend RV trips which has been a lifesaver for our small fridge. It also allows us to relax while we are at our campsite and not think about what our next meal is going to be

OH MY LANTA! I am super excited about this post! I am sharing my secret (now not so secret!) mommy superpower with you. Wait for it………. I can be in two places at once! Ok, ok, I am kidding…well…sort of. Seriously though, my superpower allows me to be at work and still shop for groceries, […]

Ok, so…this is RVing for Beginners- Course 102. Yup!.. we are starting off on course 102 because the information we are about to share is definitely not on your “What to do before bringing your first RV home” list. This post is more about “OMG, we made it home in one piece without the camper […]

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